Letter to the Editor: Three ‘diseases’ are rampant in valley


I want to warn your readers about three diseases that are rampant in our valley. One is the “phone in ear” disease. You see this everywhere — in all public places, stores, churches, sporting events, theater, and even in public rest rooms, although there you don’t see it, you hear it, along with other noises.

The second disease is the “sucking on water bottle” disease. Although this disease is abating somewhat, it consists of people carrying a water bottle and periodically unscrewing the cap, taking a tiny sip, and screwing the cap back on. This is repeated about every 5 minutes. Sometimes these two diseases are combined and you see people with a phone in the ear sucking on a water bottle. This is especially dangerous while driving.

The third is the “twiddling thumbs” disease. It attacks mostly teenagers. You often see them sitting together twiddling their thumbs and staring into what looks like a little box. Fortunately, there are still some areas of the valley not yet affected by these diseases — cellphones do not work here in Zepp and we certainly do not drink water from bottles and twiddle our thumbs!

Charles Galambos, Zepp