Commentary: Let’s take care of our own first

It appears our nation has more than one problem, but the one which stands out the most is we are going toward $20 trillion in debt and along with that we have borrowed from other nations (China, for one) and each day our interest fees are in the millions! Which means, what will happen to our future generations? They, of course, will be bogged down with taxes. And it is difficult to fathom the reasoning for sending monies in the millions to various nations, and above all it is difficult to understand why a president would give millions to Iran, supposedly with the understanding the nation will not produce a nuclear bomb, and then we see Iranians chanting “death to America.” Iran got the monies and dictated the terms!

We have veterans sorely in need of help both medically and financially. Rather than the government doing all it can to help those in need, money is used elsewhere. There has been no true budget. Therefore, it has been up to individuals to contribute toward their welfare. In the nation’s capital, homeless are living in parks and open spaces, even near the Kennedy Center. More than likely, a good may are homeless veterans.

Homes for children who have been tossed aside are needed. One views on TV that the Shriners Hospital is asking for help to care for handicapped children. No doubt, coal miners who are without work are in need. Families are unable to feed their children. Unemployment. Already there are thousands on food stamps. Appalachian folks (in Kentucky) live without indoor plumbing and exist under dire circumstances that most of us are unaware of. Shelters have been set up for those who have been abused. I could go on and on… And, again, as I see it:

Thousands have entered our borders illegally and most accepted — some are drug dealers,  some are criminals, some are rapists. Some are sent back and return time and again — for example,  the one who shot and killed a 32-year- old woman in San Francisco while on vacation with her father recently. San Francisco is a “sanctuary city.” Previously, the killer had been sent back over the border four or five times and managed to end up in San Francisco, where he was free to roam as he pleased. Those in our country illegally who remain are being fed and cared for medically (taxpayer monies) and one can imagine they are being treated better than our own. And, again, as I see it:

Now, the president wants to allow thousands of Syrians into this nation. If we are unable to care for our own and have already accepted those in our country illegally, where will the monies come from to feed and house them? Someone suggested camps could be set up overseas in an environment more to their liking rather than be brought to the U. S.  Also, why are there so many young men seen among the refugees? Which brings me to suggest that buildings be set up on the White House and monument grounds in which women and children could be housed. Those mothers who need more care could be allowed to live inside the White House. After all, it is the “peoples’ house.”

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but they came through legally and waited for acceptance as citizens. Hard-working, self-sufficient folks who became a part of this nation and helped build it. Let’s take care of our own first, and let’s not get any more in debt by doing more than we can handle. Let’s not knock down America more than it has been.

Jean D. Bradford is a Luray resident.