Letter to the Editor: Don’t make criminals of law-abiding citizens


Mark Herring really wants me to believe that a citizen of one of the 30 states that have reciprocity with Virginia on concealed handgun carry permits is a threat to our safety. Balderdash!

Our law abiding citizenry complies with the increasingly onerous laws imposed upon us by the state as regards to our 2nd Amendment rights. To legally purchase a gun, most people are subjected to a background check. Then they have to pony out cash and time to take the concealed carry course, and then pay for the license.

Now the government wants me to believe that these are the people to be afraid of. Why? It is clear they are law abiding citizens, as they have followed the laws to be able to carry the concealed handgun. All this will do is to make criminals out of people who have been following the law.

We are going in the absolutely wrong direction. As we have been forced by the Supreme Court in accepting national reciprocity for same-sex marriage, we should also have national reciprocity for concealed handgun carry. At least the firearm is actually mentioned in the constitution and marriage is not. The people that we should be afraid of are the ones who do not follow the laws and our elected leaders for this sweeping, totalitarian action.

Merry Christmas,

Robin Laird, Strasburg