Letter to the Editor: Middletown residents need to attend council meetings


We attended the special meeting of the Middletown Town Council on Dec. 21, and beg to differ with Mayor Harbaugh’s statement to a local newspaper that “tonight was a complete theater show.”

It is true that the meeting was scheduled during the dinner hour (6 p.m.), four days before Christmas, leading some people in attendance to wonder whether the meeting was meant to fly under the radar. Fortunately, word of the meeting did get around and there was a formidable show of support for our police chief.

Once we assembled in the town chambers, we were asked to make citizen input before we were given even sketchy details of the purpose of the meeting. The gathering did convince the council that citizen input would come after we knew more about the purpose of the special meeting.

We regard this as citizen input, not “a complete theatre show.” As far as this “being bad for employees of the town” – quite the opposite. If charges were brought against any of them that they felt were unfounded, not given due process through proper channels, or petty, they would appreciate citizen support.

Middletown town meetings are open to the public. We need to get more involved by attending the meetings, asking questions, accessing information from the website and/or picking up copies of meeting minutes at the town office.

There will be opportunities to change some of the elected seats next year.

We do commend Mayor Harbaugh and his volunteers for the special events that the town has sponsored and we have enjoyed.

The next meeting concerning Police Chief Breeden will be on Jan. 11. Local residents should watch the website, town bulletin board, or call the office to get the meeting time.

John and Ann Copeland