Commentary: Threats to Americans are among us


Going back to World War II following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, I recall when the Japanese-Americans were rounded up and placed in “concentration camps,” and many years later a friend mentioned her family was more or less ostracized because they were of German descent.

During those days, we didn’t have the various weapons of mass destruction; however, there were blackouts, especially in California.We went about our business. And later, it was learned Germans who spoke fluent English managed to come ashore via submarine and infiltrate among the masses. And following the war, there was a problem with the communist element; followed by some scare. In schools, children were taught to hide under tables in the event something would take place. I remember the communist remark that they would come from within and not without. In other words, they would infiltrate among the citizenry.

Now it appears we have those who are considered radical Islamic terrorists or those sympathizers among us right now. Regardless, the president of this United States fails to use such a title, and whenever something occurs, his main mantra is: guns. Or global warming.

Yes, guns kill if the individual behind the gun shoots, but it is not the gun itself. I  would be more prone to the realization that there are weapons more likely to be used such as the pipe bombs, and no doubt others, that were found in the garage in San Bernardino, California, following the massacre of 14 people and the wounding of 21 recently.  It is obvious with what the killers had on hand they planned something even far worse.

I felt and have learned since there are those who wonder where all the money  came from to purchase such an arsenal. It was said the male killer worked for the government but his salary would not have handled the cost. And according to a neighbor, there were several people who were seen in and out of the garage where these weapons were stored. She, at the cost of calling the law because of politically correctness, believed she would be considered a bigot, and with that said this massacre may not have occurred. Aside from sympathizers, no doubt a good many manage to come through our borders, which our president has failed to handle.

If our Second Amendment is abolished and we are not permitted to have such, then how will we, as citizens, protect ourselves if need be? Which means, only the government would be in control by having its own militia. Just like other dominated nations controlled by dictators. The citizens have no means to protect themselves. Lately, the far left liberals are constantly preaching against guns, or even global warming, as if they are the main source of our problem. Look about and view the wounded soldiers who have returned with lost limbs and even faces distorted as a result of far worse weapons than guns! Why not make use of the current laws in effect rather than consider more regulations?

Let us consider the implication behind all this rhetoric and decide if it makes sense. Or … will we succumb to a mass hysteria as a result of such words?

Jean D. Bradford, Luray