Letter to the Editor: TV shows help drown out current events


Recently, it was foretold that Shentel would be dropping AMC due to what I can only describe as a malicious attempt to force me to pay attention to any other important issue going on in the world right now.

Every Sunday before I went to bed at midnight to get ready for work at 5 in the morning. I would watch “The Walking Dead” in attempt to drown out any fear of an attack on American soil by the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS. What am I supposed to do now? Watch the news? Help my kids with their homework? Volunteer at my church? Not likely.

What is going to motivate me to comb a dab of Brylcreem into my receding hair now that “Mad Men” won’t be played around the clock? These corporate big shots at Shentel must think I have the money to pay for my own Netflix or Hulu account every month. Thank God my mom still pays for those or I would have no reason to sit at home and watch “Portlandia” with a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to my side.

We really didn’t need C-SPAN, it’s not like I even care what type of legislation is being pushed right now unless it’s a stimulus package to assist Shenandoah County in receiving the AMC channels.

Shentel better get it together and offer me those channels while simultaneously lowering the price of my cable television because if not, I will write a scathing letter to the local Board of Supervisors demanding they utilize the funds allocated for the long-term study for the future of our local schools to buy me the box set of “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock