Letter to the Editor: Quick to point a finger


News about tainted water in Flint, Michigan, kindled Hillary Clinton’s outrage, prompting her immediate response for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. Her angry statement in that gruff and self-righteous tone that angers the average soul paints Snyder as one who doesn’t care about the citizens of Flint, most of whom, according to Clinton, are black and low income.

All I could think of as I listened to Clinton speak was the Benghazi attacks of 2012 under her watch as secretary of state, the four Americans who were killed and her question at a congressional hearing regarding the matter, “What difference, at this point, does it make”? That remark should echo in congressional hearing responses for decades.

She was quick to pass judgement on Snyder, Republican, prior to any hearings or investigations to determine responsibility for the matter. State and Federal Environmental Protection Agency officials, the mayor of Flint, city officials and many others could have been involved in the decisions that led to the tainted water crisis but Clinton’s blame had but one target — Rick Snyder.

And she’s a fine one to point a finger at Donald Trump for being a sexist even as she remains married to a former president who is known for womanizing during his busy schedule and on one occasion even as Yassar Arafat waited patiently in the Rose Garden.

I think it would be fair to consider Clinton the “Queen of Scandal” at least during the past four decades. Remember “cattle futures gate”, “drug dealer donor gate”, “Whitewater gate”, “travel gate”, “Vince Foster Jr. gate, “China gate”,  “looter gate”, “Ponzi scheme gate”, Benghazi gate”,  and the ongoing “personal email gate”, and those are only a select few.

Onlytwo political figures come close to matching the scandal record of Hillary Clinton at this point — her husband and  Barack Obama. She accomplished little as a U.S. senator and nothing as a secretary of state. Her scandalous record is a farce but her self-righteous air through it all is the last straw. This country needs a problem solver not a problem creator.

Leroy Donald,  Stephens City