Letter to the Editor: We need more leaders like Del. Todd Gilbert


I would like publicly thank Del. Todd Gilbert for taking a stand to protect citizens who oppose same-sex marriage. In a time when so many Americans are skeptical about our government, it is refreshing to know someone is looking out for those of us who still have Christian values. It seems that we have taken a back seat and bowed to the ones who have pushed things down our throat that we should be standing up for. I say we because I too have not taken a stand in many cases.

I urge everyone to read the first three chapters of the Book of Revelations and read it over and over until you see what Christ is saying to us today. It really is not hard to understand.

As a leader it very commendable to see Todd Gilbert stand up for what he believes in and not bow to what is popular. It is much better to be popular with God than all the people in the world.

Several months ago when the Supreme Court pushed this down our throat, the White House immediately flew the rainbow colors in front of the White House, almost as soon as the gavel dropped. It took days to get the flag flown at half-staff when our brave Marines lost their lives. The rainbow was and still is a covenant between God and his people, not something to represent a sin. Someday every knee will bow before the Lord and give an account for our actions.

Now before anyone gets out pen and paper or sits at the computer to reply, I am not a hate mongrel so I will save you the trouble. Anytime a Christian stands up for his or her beliefs we are called all sorts of names, so it’s your call.

We need more leaders like Todd Gilbert. Remember that when you go to the polls and by all means go and vote. Your vote matters in many ways.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg