Letter to the Editor: GOP wants to change constitution when fewer people going to polls


Republican leaders in Richmond want to change the Virginia state constitution, a significant undertaking because we all live under its provisions. Something so serious should be decided by the maximum number of voters possible.

Republicans want to implant in the Constitution Virginia’s right to work for less law and do it in what in electoral terms is the dead of night. They want to put this and other constitutional amendments on the ballot not in 2016 when 75 percent of eligible voters will show up at the polls but in 2017 when about 25 percent will participate.

If Republicans have confidence in their support for the right to work for less law, why do they need to implant that law in the state constitution? And, why do they want to do it when they know that the fewest number of voters will decide the issue? They argue that registrars of voters believe that long lines at the polls will get longer if voters have to ponder the merits of right to work laws. If that is the case, the solution is longer periods for early voting and ample notice of the opportunity.

Our politics should not be exercised at the expense of our democracy.

Tom Howarth, chair, Warren County Democratic Committee