Letter to the Editor: Life insurance needed for those over 85


To the best of my knowledge, none of the life insurance companies offer life insurance for anyone older than 85 years of age. This is pretty short sighted in view of today’s life expectancy. Breakthroughs in medical science, better nutrition, new medicines and supplements that can revitalize human cells and give new energy to older people can extend the life of human beings to 100 years of age and more. Recently, a man 90 years of age won a marathon. The number of people living in the United States aged 100 or more is greater than it has ever been.

The wealthiest top 2 percent of the people in the United States fall into the age group between 85 and 100 and therefore can afford higher premiums than a family man can. The idea of life insurance for an older citizen is not for his or her benefit, but instead the loved ones who can afford a better funeral for their elders without digging into their own retirement funds. Their parents may want to be buried in the city or country of their birth, which would mean travel expenses.

A well run life insurance could issue a “Golden Age” insurance policy with double the premiums they normally receive for another 10 or 15 years from this kind of policy.

Sometimes the smartest business people around forget that there is always a way to improve their revenue stream. I hope that some insurance company salesman will see this letter in your paper and call his home office to suggest the idea to them. I am 92 years old and I cannot purchase life insurance to protect my wife if something should happen to me.

Jack Rickel, Front Royal