Letter to the Editor: Executive action gives Obama dictatorial power


In a recent edition of the Northern Virginia Daily’s opinion section, there was an article that implied Obama needs to be able to legislate by executive order/action. This will eliminate the “checks and balances” system of our government.

The article does not take into account that since mid-term elections in 2014 the majority of voters elected Republicans in both House and Senate. Obviously these voters disagreed with Obama’s policies. So now he wants to circumvent Congress?

Allowing Obama the executive actions would allow him to rule by dictatorial power as he would not have to have legislation (laws) approved by Congress. Executive action is an overriding of Congressional power to make laws.

Even without executive action his policies divide the country. Obama recently re-instituted his “catch and release” immigration policy. This entails capturing those in our country illegally and returning them to the border and releasing them. In another few days they are back trying to illegally enter this country again. For all intents and purposes, our southern border is wide open.

This mentality has even gotten into politics in Shenandoah County. During the school budget hearing, it was reported in the Daily that a member of the Shenandoah County Democratic Committee stated that they were in favor of increased hiring of more teachers for the English as a Second Language Program. This leads to higher taxes where the American taxpayer has to foot the bill to pay for more ESL teachers. This ties in with Obama’s catch and release program of allowing more people enter the U.S. illegally. This also correlates to Obama and the Democrats utilizing the core of the Cloward – Piven plan.

Now the Obama administration and the Democrats are trying to force Apple to give the FBI (government) the right to access iPhones and all of the information therein. If Apple is forced to give up their “back door,” we the people will have lost our privacy rights and the Fourth Amendment would be null and void.

Hackers will have a field day as we all know how inefficient government projects are.

John Bauserman, Woodstock