Letter to the Editor: Give tax money to the deputies

Per your article, March 15: “Sheriff says county not helping to fix deputy pay,” the Board of Supervisors has inherited a huge mess from the previous “good ole boy” supervisors and the never-ending demands of the School Board. The two largest employers in Shenandoah Countyare county government and the school system, and I find it shameful that many of these employees make more than the men and women in our law enforcement’s front line.

Who puts their life on the line by merely walking out of their door in uniform these days? They do not even need to be in uniform, but their profession known! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week they are on watch, trained, informed and ready without having to punch a time clock. For my tax money, put it in the deputies and mental health system.

County employees in many, many cases make more money than state employees, yet they enjoy the same retirement system. The School Board members apparently cannot think for themselves, but throw funds at independent consultants and scream for more money. For my money, no schools increase this year and mandate camera recorders on all personnel. Many teachers are not posting homework assignments, email responses are difficult to receive and one teacher cannot tell me the subject matter she will cover next week. Praises for teachers of yesteryear!

The county always needs more employees — why? The county has had no growth to speak of. The old Board of Supervisors wanted nothing to ever change, but, saddle everyone with the regional jail. Small businesses have closed due to taxes. Why on Earth would a book that has been in inventory for three years be taxed every year? Empty buildings stand idle or become thrift shops, where no real employment is needed.

Our deputies and staff are the finest I have seen. They respond to everything. I have seen them remove snakes from private garages to carefully obtaining loaded guns in their faces without shooting the potential killer.

Rex A Ingram, Maurertown