Letter to the Editor: How much lower can America sink?


I take issue with an article written by Connie Schultz on March 4 in this paper. It is titled, “Abortions, no regrets.” Really? Murdering an innocent human being with no regrets? How much lower can we sink?

This is not to play a guilt trip on anyone who has an abortion. God gave his son to us for forgiveness and this includes all sins. So please don’t take this the wrong way. It is articles like this that people read and rationalize their actions. Connie Schultz as well as everyone will stand before God someday and give an account for their actions, and that includes me, as I am not innocent of many things.

It is murder, pure and simple. Not a choice. It is a not a fetus as such but an innocent human being. Why is it a convicted criminal who is proved guilty beyond a doubt who  has committed unspeakable crimes can get years and tens of thousands spent on them and an innocent child can be murdered without a say? What’s wrong with this picture?

She makes it sound like it is in the same category as killing a mosquito or a rat in the house. Nothing more or less than a sacrifice of human life.

About 30 years ago a young mother to be was told to have an abortion because the child would be born with birth defects. Thank God the grandmother of this so-called fetus intervened and took the mother for a second opinion. This fetus came from the womb as healthy as could be, became an Eagle Scout, joined the military, served his country in Iraq proudly and is the best father anyone would ever want. This fetus is getting ready to start a business and employ others. People, it is not our choice to murder the innocent regardless of what people like Connie Schultz say. Again this is not to play a guilt trip but to bring attention to how low America has stooped.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg