Letter to the Editor: Is there a better way to make change?


Last night as I shared 345 memes I found on the Occupy Wall Street Twitter page that were concerned with Ted Cruz’s eligibility to become the president of the United States, being as he was born in Canada, I asked myself, is there a better way for my constituents and I to change the direction this country is headed?

It was a difficult question. I know this because my cellphone wasn’t even able to answer it.

I posted a poorly formulated question with at least 64 grammatical errors to my Facebook page asking my fellow millennials what we could do as mildly productive citizens to maintain the America we’ve known for at most 21 years. Some suggested they were feeling some type of burn they couldn’t get treated in a free market society, or that they should place a sign with a giant H in their yards while others suggested the entire Republican Party should impulsively decide that they all want to have the same job, all of which were unrealistic scenarios.

Thankfully, my great uncle, who isn’t sure how to upload a profile picture, suggested a system where on a predetermined date, all eligible citizens assemble in an area between the hours of 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. to cast a vote for individuals vying for a position in our government — that way we all have a say in the way our country operates. I quickly dismissed his idea, being as I was too busy finding a coin to use on my scratch off to pay attention to him, and the chances of my vote actually counting were slim to none considering the number of voters involved.

I’m disappointed in my generation. I have no doubt the poor ideas were directly attributed to the fact that only 60 percent of my friends commented on my status. It’s like they don’t care until it actually matters.

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock