Letter to the Editor: Kudos to volunteers


This letter is to recognize and thank an extraordinary couple who volunteers countless hours to assist 4-H, fire departments, churches, nonprofits, and community organizations in their fundraising endeavors. On March 19, Jay and Tammy Ross gave of their expertise and time to help Family Promise of Shenandoah County raise money in its first fundraiser. Although countless organizations, businesses, and individuals also contributed time and money, Jay and Tammy Ross need to be recognized for their commitment and willingness to continually volunteer for our Shenandoah County community.

The couple grills steak and assists organizations with these dinners. Jay Ross gets up in the wee hours of the morning to prep the steak, ready his grill, and packs his tarp and roasters. Meanwhile, Tammy Ross is packing her car with a stash of serving bottles for the A-1 sauce as well as steak knives. (Who has 300 steak knives, now?)   She is always available via email or phone for questions prior to the event and can tell you how much of a certain supply you will need. (Did you know that a 5-pound bag of salad will serve 30 people?) Tammy Ross comes early to help set up and organizes all of the volunteers.   Jay Ross is outside, sometimes in cold, snowy weather, grilling steaks. Their day starts early and does not end until the event is cleaned up and done!

This couple does not request any money for their time and service. They both have full time jobs and family responsibilities. I have been involved with several of their steak dinner fundraisers through 4-H, church and now Family Promise. They set the bar very high for volunteering and outstanding community service. I’d like to thank Jay and Tammy Ross.

Suzanne Artz Loveland, Edinburg