Letter to the Editor: Library needs full funding


One of the best things about living in Front Royal is the Samuels Library. It seems unconscionable that the Board of Supervisors feels it necessary to limit the library’s budget in favor of their own raises and other pet projects.

The library is an essential service to our community and deserves all of the funding they requested to meet the exploding utilization by those of us who live here. And by the way, we who pay taxes want our money to be used wisely … and the library funding is a wise use of our tax dollars.

I just got a survey from the library asking what possible “service cuts” I could live with. My answer is “none of the above.” All of us who use the library need to be in touch with members of the Board of Supervisors to voice our strong support of full funding for the library. This is a community resource of great value to all of us.

Anne Boyd Earle, Front Royal