Letter to the Editor: Listen to Bailey, Shruntz during budget talks


Concerning an article that appeared in this publication recently about the upcoming discussions on the Shenandoah County budget, I would like to present the under-mentioned facts: $1.6 million was used from surplus funds last year to pay for recurring costs (items that would have to be funded perpetually without the benefit of future surplus usage).

Two thirds of the Board of Supervisors at that time voted for this action, totally clueless and/or unconcerned as to where the funds would come from subsequently. Fast forward 12 months to the present. To no surprise, the funds are indeed not there. So much for faith and hope. Supervisors Cindy Bailey and Marsha Shruntz, foreseeing the inevitable, wisely voted against this measure.

I would suggest that this mode of financial decision making, on the part of their male counterparts, constitutes the epitome of fiscal irresponsibility and incompetence. As a businessman of over three decades, I fully understand the imperative principles that must be adhered to in order to achieve and maintain financial success and stability. Supervisors Bailey and Shruntz are comparably endowed with the same traits, a requisite for successful budgetary-related decision making. Simply and in short, they are the true safeguards of our meager and stagnant tax revenue. We would do well to not forget that in the future.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg