Letter to the Editor: Teaching tech will help students, families


I’m Fiona Sayers, a student currently studying at James Madison University.

I’m writing to express my thoughts and opinions toward the article “Innovative Teaching, Technologized.” I find this article very optimistic and I appreciate Justin Birckbichler’s  dedication to his students.

I like the idea of a teacher going against the notion that technology drives families apart, and instead is planning on teaching children about technology to actually connect families. In a society mostly using technology to further alienate themselves, I think it’s a really good idea to try and use the aspects of technology to actually reinforce the idea of a connected society.

I  also agree with the idea that supporting parents in educating their children about math and technology outside of the classroom is very beneficial to the children’s adaptation to our innovative society, enabling their children to be successful in the fast-paced transitions in society today.

Mr. B’s innovative teaching style seems like it could really help the school systems of Warren County in several ways, especially the aspect of every kid having his or her own personalized device to shape learning experiences.

It’s really exciting to see my hometown elementary school be chosen for such an innovative and progressive project and I really hope this experience will leave a lasting impression on the students and families involved.

 Fiona Sayers, Harrisonburg