Letter to the Editor: Teen custodians? What was board thinking?


The Shenandoah County School Board has proposed to employ teen-aged students as custodians in order to fill in for budgetary and staffing needs.

Assuming that board members have been teenagers, or at least raised a few of them, one wonders … what were they thinking?

Did a certain family take photographs of the bedroom condition of the adolescent to post on the refrigerator? How about a parent threatening to request a home visit from the Health Department to condemn the place? Whose grandmother repeated that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” for good reason? How many tidy teens can be found in the county?

Public buildings require expert service for health, safety, security, and confidentiality.

Teenagers relate with technology today. Visualize the Internet with news of discoveries in the teacher’s wastebasket. Imagine seeing photos of fun with rubber gloves at school. Maybe amusing; maybe not!

Let us give Superintendent Jeremy Raley and the custodians center stage for a great performance! Let’s let our teens win championships for wrestling, win top culinary awards and academic accolades. We can support the formidable teen community volunteerism.
Consider the training and supervision involved for the custodial job. The attrition is bound to be costly. Give us a break and maintain our public buildings responsibly. We should give our fabulous, curious, hard working, clever, kind and helpful teenagers the challenges to grow. Eventually, we all need them to work for all of us.
Dr. Eloise Clymer Haun, Woodstock