Letter to the Editor: Voting anti-incumbent is voting anti-corruption


Re-electing an incumbent is like rewarding a bank robber by allowing the robber to keep the stolen money, then treating the robber to a steak dinner because the robber did such a great job robbing the bank.

Congress, the General Assembly and the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors have indebted we taxpayers with reckless spending of taxpayer dollars and all three expect taxpayers to pay for their insanity with increased taxes. Evidence: most re-elected incumbents are bank robbers and we, the people, are the bank because tax increases can occur only when over 50 percent of incumbents approve, and most incumbents are re-elected.

This creates a serious problem for Americans who are struggling to maintain a decent living while at the same time are forced to pay ever-increasing taxes to a corrupt government that is constantly creating deficits and increasing taxes.

What’s the solution to their reckless spending? One four-year term on all four levels of government and force the incumbents to pay for their own deficits.

Corruption takes time, more than one term; thus, if an incumbent cannot seek re-election, corruption is greatly reduced or eliminated because there’s no reason for re-election contributions from special interest groups.

What’s the first signs of corruption? You guessed it folks – budget deficits and tax increases.

I’m sure Mount Jackson residents noticed taxes, rates or fees increases … I wonder why that occurred?

We, the taxpaying residents, have been betrayed by incumbents/re-elected incumbents, which is an act of treason, and if anyone disagrees with this, please feel free to respond.

America functions on borrowed money, meaning it’s bankrupt and no bankrupt country can be a world power. Total financial collapse is as near as five to 10 years. If younger Americans don’t get involved and change America’s direction soon, there may not be an America tomorrow except on paper, and China owns the paper.

Voting anti-incumbent is also voting anti-corruption. America cannot be any better than its taxpaying citizens want it to be.

Al Asbury, Mount Jackson

Editor’s note: This letter has been reprinted due to part of a sentenced being accidentally omitted in the letter in Monday’s edition.