Letter to the Editor: We should send budget cut ideas to county


Shenandoah County is shrinking in value.

This is very disappointing to a lover of the valley. Reassessment of the county’s taxable real estate shows that property values have declined by $15.6 million since the last evaluation in 2010. This affects your pocketbook directly.

There is new construction in the valley. But the county is growing poorer. The value of open land declined $192 million during the past five years.

I hope the county supervisors running for office this fall will explain this disturbing trend, and what, if anything, they plan to do about it. Building more government infrastructure doesn’t work – it takes land off the tax rolls.
Valley residents want good schools and safe roads, but frills, waste and inefficiency are never attractive. For example, the statue of Rev. Muhlenberg is moved regularly at the whim of the government. Leave the poor thing alone.

I suggest local taxpayers all offer one suggestion this month to cut county expenses and send them to the county. This may prompt supervisors to think a little.

And to start the ball rolling, I suggest not increasing the sheriff’s office staff this year. Besides saving the salaries of two deputies or more, it will negate the need for building a bigger sheriff’s office, estimated at $7 million. If the county value is shrinking, we shouldn’t increase the number of people protecting it.

I’m afraid that if the decline cannot be reversed, the county will gradually disappear like the Cheshire cat, and then we can’t afford any government at all.

Bonner Day, Maurertown