Letter to the Editor: Why pick brew house for school discussion?


As we know, one of the largest issues that our culture faces with teenagers is under-age drinking. Our schools spend many hours in prevention and in dealing with this epidemic. Just this past August, a local school had to deal with students and football players drinking alcohol.

In this context, I am puzzled as to why PASS is hosting a meeting at the Woodstock Brew House on Monday for concerned parents to hear from Dr. Jeremy Raley about the coming school budget. Not only is the meeting being held at a micro-brewery, but PASS will buy any parent of a school-aged child his or her first drink along with free snacks. Yes, the establishment also serves soft drinks that can be ordered, but is the message we want to send our children one that says adults need to meet in a brew house to learn about policies of our educational system?

Finally, I find most disturbing that Dr. Raley, our school superintendent, will be in attendance. Also, why would a School Board member, who is a member of PASS, support such a meeting place? I expect better modeling than this from those in charge of our educational system.

With other, non-brewery locations available for such a meeting such as one of our schools, this is the wrong message to send our children.

Roger Barbee, Edinburg