Letter to the Editor: Alternate money source should be scrutinized


When I read in your paper that the Shenandoah County sheriff came up with an alternate source of money when his new office, estimated at $7 million, was questioned, it sounded like a wonderful arrangement.

As I was weeding my rose garden, I thought what a wonderful thing it would be if my wife also had an alternate source of money. It would make it easier to balance the household budget. It would help me pay my taxes. It might even bankroll a vacation. But as the weeding went on, I got to thinking she might already be building her own new office/apartment somewhere. She may have bought a sporty roadster I don’t know about.

As I struggled with a particularly big wild onion the idea of surprise money didn’t seem so great. In fact, it began to worry me. I threw the onion in the weed barrel and rushed into the house. I realized that, like the supervisors, I want to know about all the income as well as all the expenditures. I didn’t want any surprises that I could not explain to the tax man. So I sat my wife down. I quizzed her closely about any alternate sources income I didn’t know about, just as I advise the board to quiz the Sheriff’s Office.

What the county doesn’t need is wives and sheriff’s deputies with secret sources of income.

Bonner Day, Maurertown