Letter to the Editor: Don’t count on Clinton to rescue us from storm


America is starting to remind me of a ship lost at sea after a major storm. There seems to be no sense of direction, no moral compass and no worthy leader willing or able to reestablish our heading and our status as leader of the free world. A regrettable combination of clueless leadership, politically correct hooey and progressive blather created a storm of moral lunacy that  poisoned our culture and lowered our guard as we drifted away.

Questions about human interactions that average Americans never could have imagined are now coming to the fore. The most recent commotion is about whether birthright gender or identity gender should determine which bathroom to use. I keep hearing the phrase, “you can’t make this stuff up,” and this is a prime example. How does this harebrained reality rub off on young children who get caught up in the insanity? Decisions in America were always made to protect the majority not the few who are confused about their gender. It’s a no brainier that the hard left simply cannot process.

But the progressive plight rolled out by this administration goes much further. Same sex marriage is a reality now throughout our country by decree from the Supreme Court. The sale of marijuana is now legal in four states and Washington, D.C.. Medical marijuana is legal in 24 states. The harvesting and sale of unborn baby parts got a free pass as did planned parenthood. None of this would have passed social norms a generation ago. The acceptance of these outlandish values has changed the moral fabric of America.

Hillary Clinton will continue with Obama’s failures and Alinsky’s teachings. She’s all about money, power,  influence, dishonesty, Wall Street kickbacks and the continued downgrade of American values. If you want the moral insanity that defies American principles to continue, vote for Hillary. If you want a return to American values, freedom and prosperity, support the Republican Party.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City