Letter to the Editor: Blocking of health care by GOP morally wrong

I enjoyed Michael Cash’s letter on April 6 in The Northern Virginia Daily.  The Republicans who are blocking health care for many thousands of the poorest people in Virginia are not only morally wrong, they are economically stupid.  First of all, the expansion of Medicaid will cost Virginia nothing because the federal government will pay for it, and if (or when) the federal government should stop paying for it the program will end. End of story.
Also, this infusion of health care is an economic benefit.  Health care will mean that these folks will be stronger and healthier and therefore more productive.
Their employers will have more profits and/or services and goods as a result. The healthier, more energetic and happier, Medicare recipients will earn more money, working more hours, and perhaps even taking on additional jobs.  This will generate addition sales for local stores and services.  A win/win.
This will also produce a desperately needed economic boost for some small local hospitals.
Will someone please explain all this to Todd Gilbert and his buddies.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal