Letter to the Editor: Kudos to Daily staff, especially Gerald Almy


Congratulations on your recent win of  top honors for overall excellence from the Virginia Press Association. I am a relatively new subscriber to your paper, having recently retired to Front Royal from Alexandria.

I especially enjoy reading Gerald Almy’s column.  I grew up in apartments in Chicago and spent my adult life in a career that had me mostly sitting at a desk.

Gerald Almy writes with such clarity and depth that I feel as if I were walking behind him through the forest, or sitting next to him on the riverbank with a pole in my hand.

Every week he introduces me to a new fact about nature or an activity that I previously knew nothing about. While I may never hunt for deer or wild turkey or fish for trout, Gerald Almy has brought the beauty and joy of the forest to me at my kitchen table.

With my new found knowledge, perhaps I can impress one of my neighbors who does hunt to share some of their harvest with me.

Again, congratulations.

Joan Grewe, Front Royal