Letter to the Editor: Let’s not forget the Hastert Rule


Like other recent articles about Dennis Hastert’s behavior, Diane Dimond’s column in Tuesday’s Northern Virginia Daily doesn’t even mention his prior claim to fame: the Hastert Rule, a perverse approach to governing our country.

Congressman Hastert has been the epitome of the Republican establishment, the longest serving Republican speaker of the House in history, a major architect of our present government gridlock.

According to Speaker Hastert’s Rule, the speaker will not allow a bill to come up for a vote unless a majority of Republicans in the House are in favor of it. Essentially, that means nothing gets done. His successor as speaker of the house, John Boehner, followed the Hastert Rule as long as he could.

Finally Mr. Boehner allowed some common sense Republicans vote with the Democrats to pass some compromise measures such as the fiscal cliff bill, the debt ceiling bill, the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, and a few others. For his apostasy, Mr. Boehner fell on his sword and resigned from Congress. Mr. Hastert, then employed as a lobbyist, criticized Mr. Boehner for violating the rule.

William A, Hall, Front Royal