Letter to the Editor: Obamacare opponents standing in way of saving Virginians


I watched “60 Minutes” recently and was appalled at the poverty and suffering of folks in Wise County.
Folks abandoned by the coal industry and the Republican Party in Virginia. Folks who have no ability to pay for health care unless they can make it to the “Health Wagon” that comes through by the grace of a few people who try to provide health care.
I saw folks who are now dead because they had no health care, but they could have if folks better off like Todd Gilbert and the rest of the Republicans in Virginia had let them have it. But no!  God forbid we save lives when we can because we are so ideologically opposed to Obamacare.  Even when God gives us a way to save these people, we get heartless “leaders” to stand in the way.  How heartbreaking.  I do not know how Gilbert and the rest of the Republicans in this state can live with themselves.

May God have mercy on them.  Maybe God will, but I would not. Good thing I’m not God, because this would give rise to my wrath, were I God.

Michael Cash, Maurertown