Letter to the Editor: Sherando should change its mascot


The death of an animal is always sad. But I hope that the death of the horse Warrior brings a close to that aspect of Sherando High School’s use of the Warrior image as a mascot.

In my life I have learned about many ‘warrior’ societies. The warriors of the great Zulu nation of Africa come to mind, fighting for the freedom of their people. There are also the great warriors of the Masai people of Africa, going out to kill a lion using only a long spear.

The Vikings of old were also great warriors. The Samurai of Japan were also great warriors.

But here, in the U.S.A. “warrior” is only used in reference to the native nations of this continent. Present day depictions as “mascots” are only a racist caricature or cartoon of native peoples. Of course, the traditional native population is small and does not pack much clout. But would you dress somebody in black face as a Zulu warrior? Not bloody likely. The black population of the country is too large and vocal to allow for such a representation. So please, Sherando, come up with some other representation for a warrior, keeping in mind that the young men and women in our armed forces are warriors.

Bob Brookfield, Wardensville, West Virginia