Letter to the Editor: Sometimes it pays to complain

I am very tired of stories about health care problems – mine and other peoples’.  I am writing to share with you one story that has a nice ending.
On April 14, I received a statement from a hospital for $145.  I thought this was wrong and that our insurance company should have paid it.  I reviewed everything again, and could see no reason for non-payment by our insurance company.  So I called the insurance company and said I was appealing its decision.
I called the number on my insurance card. (I am sure everyone must have a similar card from their insurance company.)  We went through the usual boring routine of security questions and phone numbers, then “Maureen” referred me to their claims department.  There I was able to review everything with a bright, knowledgeable and cheerful lady whose name was “Debbie.”  I held my phone to my ear while Debbie talked to other folks at the insurance company, and eventually they all decided I was correct and this charge was “an accounting erro.”
Some time in the next 60 days I will receive a credit memo.  I have the confirmation number.
Moral: sometimes it pays to complain.  Anyway, I feel wonderful and I hope you and all your readers have a great day!
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal