Letter to the Editor: Strasburg needs strong leadership


Strasburg is no longer the small, quiet, peaceful little town it was many, many years ago (Once Upon a Time) where everyone knew one another, trusted their neighbor and often lived out their entire life in one area. Small town life is not as simple anymore.

Although much has changed, this town still retains much of its charm, compared to other places, and we need strong leadership, more than ever, to address the complex issues of a growing community.

Now that Timothy Taylor will not seek another term as mayor it is most important to consider his replacement with an individual who can influence standards of good governance, correct behavior and ethics. As leader of the council, the mayor plays an important role in promoting proper conduct within that body, as well as meeting the needs of the town he represents.

We need a person with a proven record to get involved and understand the issues of our community. We need an “intelligence with heart” and someone who brings purple pride to this town.

The past is the past and a strong, untarnished reputation is what we should be seeking in our next mayor. Let’s have Strasburg in the news for something everyone will be proud of and pleased to read about, not bad conduct or fighting within. The choice should be carefully considered and most obvious.

Diana Snarr, Strasburg