Letter to the Editor: There is no such thing as a free lunch


You recently published a letter from Eva Grimsley, a proponent of the Affordable Care Act who suggests the law has helped all 8,382,993 citizens of our commonwealth based on her personal experience.

To start, I’d like to identify that everyone now has an ACA-regulated health care plan because it’s federal law, not just her, so experience varies depending on how subservient you’re feeling. She also suggests that every single self-employed Virginian is now better off because she personally could not afford the health care she needed before the ACA, although in reality she’s only paying 45 percent of the actual cost of her plan while taxpayers foot the rest of bill.

While she beguiles the readers with tales of insurance rates that don’t increase with ailments, average rate increases from Virginia’s top five providers range from 9.4 percent to 37.1 percent that of which she is not paying herself — there is no such thing as free lunch.

She complained of a situation where her friends previously paid more for health insurance than their mortgage payments, yet she failed to disclose the name of the fine realtors who found these friends such a great deal on a house.

In the middle of her letter extolling the health insurance rates she pays under the ACA, she blames the Republicans of the Virginia General Assembly for the health insurance rates Virginians are paying under the ACA because they failed to expand the criterion for Medicaid coverage. You can’t blame the Republicans for the plan you are satisfied with when they facilitated its existence by picking the lesser of two evils. You also cannot blame individuals for capitalizing on government-run plans they were obligated to pay for with the money they could have otherwise utilized in the private sector.

We begrudge the inefficient government programs that a miserly number of us pay for because we are no longer allowed to take care of ourselves and others in a charitable manner because the self interest of an individual is an endangered concept that’s being squashed by the encroachment of a tyrannical government.

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock