Commentary: The ‘bathroom’ decree is unconscionable

We are removing our children from the public school system in Virginia and will be homeschooling them for the rest of their K-12 school career. This action is in direct response to the federal government’s unconstitutional and dangerous decree that bathrooms, locker rooms, and every other facet of school life cannot be segregated based on a child’s actual gender.

This “bathroom decree” is unconscionable for a number of reasons.  First, it is unconstitutional and amounts to extortion of the states by the federal government. It is also misguided, in total opposition to the natural order, and opens up additional potential for assaults and physical abuse – for adults as well as children.  The potential for abuse of this policy is staggering and that alone qualifies it as psychological abuse!

The federal government has no authority to influence public school policies in the states. However, since they now control a large portion of school funding, they have usurped state authority over education.  This policy is a direct threat to my children’s mental and physical safety. By threatening the schools’ federal funding to ensure compliance, the U.S. Department of  Education is basically guilty of extortion.

This pronouncement is professed to “promote equality,” but it puts the preferences of the tiny minority over the rights of everyone else. Also, if this were such a critical issue for our government, then this administration would have addressed it years ago. This policy also adds to the division between child and parent and hides other potential issues by disallowing counseling, or even concern by teachers and administrators in the schools.

This overwhelming governmental proclamation even goes against nature itself! Scientifically, boys have XY chromosome pairs and girls have XX.  No medical procedure, mental decision or formal announcement will change this. Furthermore, pediatricians and child psychologists alike are reiterating their findings that allowing children to pursue a different “gender identity” is child abuse.

Since this country is founded on Judeo-Christian principles, it also bears mentioning that this policy is the antithesis of creation: “Male and female created he them; and blessed them…” – Genesis 5:2.  So both Darwin and God agree that being “‘transgender” is literally impossible.

In places where similar policies have been put into action, there are already numerous instances of males assaulting women and girls in women’s bathrooms, males taking video and pictures of females in locker rooms and dressing rooms, etc. A large limitation to these crimes in the past has been the expectation of privacy and the fear of being caught in places they don’t belong.  Now those restraints have been lifted in our public schools.

There is no chance that the incidence of sexual and physical assaults will not dramatically increase due entirely to this policy. In fact, just that potential creates an unacceptable level of anxiety, tension and fear that is equivalent to psychological child abuse. I cannot and will not allow my children to be abused in this manner.

Jason Gagnon retired from the Navy in 2014 and moved to Woodstock to raise sheep and be a part of a small town community. He (used to) have children in WW Robinson,  Peter Muhlenberg, and Central High School.