Letter to the Editor: Are Virginia Republicans in a panic about Trump?


The United States has, historically, placed the right to vote very high among democratic values. For example, over the years it has extended the ballot to those who do not own real property, to women, and to citizens of color.

The Republican Party has different values. In recent years, in states where it controls the legislatures, including Virginia, it has passed various laws, such as requiring photo IDs, under the subterfuge of preventing voter fraud. The real purpose of their efforts, often admitted, is to deprive many of those likely to support their opponents of the vote.

But keeping many from voting through no fault of their own is not enough. Our Virginia GOP stalwarts tell us they will try to overturn Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s action in restoring the vote to all who have earned it by fully paying their debt to society. They have served the terms to which they have been sentenced by our judicial system. The overwhelming majority of the crimes they committed were non-violent.

Could the prospect of their man Trump so panic them that they are this desperate?  

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock