Letter to the Editor: Drive carefully, avoid those living speed bumps


As I finish my thesis for a master’s degree at the University of Grumpy Old Men, I’d like to share two observations that I’ve made during research for my final paper, “Things to Gripe About.”
Traveling past the main entrance to the Central High School campus, I and my fellow law-abiding drivers maintain the 25 mph posting of the flashing school zone sign.  Inevitably, some “idiot” speeds by.  I drove like Joey Chitwood when I was a boy, so I can’t really blame a teenager’s reckless behavior.  But nine out of 10 offenders appear to be of a “mature” age.
Secondly is Woodstock park/Summit Avenue bypass.  I can appreciate being excited about getting off of work and taking the shortcut past the town’s park.  But the posted speed limit is 15 mph, and until I get exempt from following the law, that’s the limit to which I will abide.
School’s coming to an end for the summer but the park area will soon be teeming with little, living speed bumps. Please drive carefully.
I’ve got to go shoo some little brats off of my lawn.
Robin Lambert, Woodstock