Letter to the Editor: We must stop tinkering with Constitution


Thank you for publishing Andy Schmookler’s essay on our nation’s problems.  “Balance” is always a great problem solver until it fails.  In this case spectacularly!

In designing our nation’s government, and devising a plan to work for years and generations to come, they did a great job creating a balance between our many wants, needs and resources.  It worked well, until now!

Pity our liberals.  Theirs is the smallest population of the three major parties.  They are under staffed, under funded, over worked, and trying hard to maintain “balance.”

I lay the greatest blame on the Republicans. They have worked  to place party first and nation second for many years.  They were just helping out when they managed to place Republicans in major and minor offices in communities everywhere —  states, cities, towns and little villages.

It all added up.  We can see it now!

The Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution that has worked all these years.  If we just follow the Constitution now, and stop tinkering with it, things will work out.  They knew exactly what would be required to maintain this balance.  It will work.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal