Letter to the Editor: Be kind to one another

With all sadness that is happening in Florida right now, it is difficult to reassure my child that she safe — that there are good people out there! It suddenly seems that everyone is a stranger, but we shouldnt let that one person’s actions shadow our day. Kindness is out there and I saw the goodness in people again today.
I was eating lunch at a diner in Winchester. It was fairly crowded but because it is small you can easily hear what’s going on around you. First, I was aware of someone getting loud. I thought it was a child, however it was an adult with some special needs and she was alone.
The staff at the diner were kind and helpful. They were encouraging her to eat. This person seemed to be a regular  customer (as many people are at the diner), since they used her name and quickly assessed what else she needed as she became more flustered.
Later, the waitress wasn’t even in a hurry to “get her out of there” as she paid her bill, but proceeded to sit her back down and tend to her (making sure she was OK).  It was beyond the duties of a waitress to her customer. It was a person loving another person!
It was heart warming. And as I looked around the diner I realized that that many of regulars must come there for the exact same love — to be treated kindly even when we might be difficult or complain. Because we are human, we need to be loved. We need and seek it. And if we have no one, a friendly waitress or waiter my be our savior.
So let us love one another.
Amy Rose Underwood-Plauger, Toms Brook