Letter to the Editor: Candidate evokes memories of Hitler


I am not a historian.  I am just an oldster writing from memory.  Forgive me if my history book memories fail.
I am afraid.  What I remember from that history book is that Hitler demonized the Jewish religion and the Jewish people, creating great fear and danger among the general population everywhere in Germany.  He accused the Jews of causing everything that was wrong: prices, jobs, everything.  People did not know any better, and absent information and choices they decided to believe Hitler’s promise to fix everything.  He started with golden promises, picking up strategic power here and there, until his dictatorship was complete and final.
Remember Kristallnacht.  Then it got worse.
In our current tumultuous election process we have a golden-voiced candidate who reminds me almost daily of some of the things Hitler said and did:  ban all Muslims.  It is a bad religion.  It teaches hate.  Shutter and destroy their mosques.  What to do about the Muslims here now?  Register them?  Make them wear a badge?  Limit where they can work and live?  Forbid religious practices?  Forbid meetings of large groups?
Then there is this matter of truth and honesty.  We try hard to figure out what is good and right, but at some point it all becomes one huge unbearable burden.  We seek relief, we hide.  We make a decision and often it is the course of least resistance, but we tell ourselves it will all work out for the best.  Will it really all work out for the best?
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal