Letter to the Editor: Let’s celebrate Clinton’s rise


In the good old days of print journalism, the mantra was “all the news that prints to fit.”
Today’s media offer only too much space for Donald Trump’s titilating latest outrage. I, however, hope that at least some outlets will see fit to celebrate a historic moment truly worthy of our attention – Hillary Clinton’s rise to become the first woman nominated by a major party for president of the United States.
Countless women, from all walks of life and from every political orientation, for all too many years, have fought for equal rights – in the voting booth, in schools, in the workplace, and in government. In ways big and small, their efforts led to this moment. As of today, all our daughters – Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist, Green, what-have-you – have reason to believe they too could be president one day. Now, that’s something to celebrate, whatever your politics.
Kathryn Uphaus, Winchester