Letter to the Editor: Road’s speed limit needs to be lowered


This is about U.S. Route 11 between Toms Brook and Maurertown.  This is an accident-prone stretch of roadway. Just wondering why the Virginia Department of Transportation does not lower the speed limit?

When you come out of Toms Brook it is 45 mph, then it goes to 55 along the stretch in front of the park and the dumping station, then it goes back down to 40 at Mauerertown.

There are at least six roads that enter onto U.S. Route 11 in the 55 mph zone and some have blind spots. There is also a retirement home along this stretch. Is it going to take someone getting killed to drop the speed limit?  One recent accident involved a school bus that got rear ended.

Just wanted to shed some light on this.

John Bushong, Strasburg