Letter to the Editor: A loss for local political scene


John Massoud’s commentary published in the June 17 edition of the Northern Virginia Daily paid fitting tribute to a political ally. My tribute is somewhat different.

It would be difficult to find two individuals whose political views differed more sharply than Suzanne Curran’s and mine, Republican and Democrat, respectively. At one time we wrote a series of competing letters to the editor. We expressed our thoughts candidly.

At that time we met frequently, usually at public events. Suzanne’s greetings were always cordial and warm. I trust mine reciprocated. We enjoyed a very good personal relationship. Quite recently, after something of a gap, we met again. It was gratifying to find that, as persons, things remained as of yore.

Our political system thrives when committed types devote their time and talent to it. Our system here will miss a contributor as generous as Suzanne. I have lost a friend.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock