Letter to the Editor: A dump store may be good idea for county

The article on June 29 about Shenandoah County upgrading security at trash sites interested me. It is too bad that citizens of the county feel free to disregard posted instructions. But why, one wonders, would anyone do such a thing?
My brother lives in North Conway, New Hampshire, a pleasant town in a beautiful New England resort area. North Conway has a different approach to collection of refuse. In addition to dumpsters, there is a little shed labeled Dump Store at the site I visited. Walk through the door and you will find shelves loaded with throw-aways that may still be useful to someone else.
Instead of threatening citizens with punishment for leaving “good” trash out on the ground for others to harvest, this town provides a covered place where such items can be offered to anyone who wants to take them – the most basic kind of recycling.
Perhaps this attitude of accommodating peoples’ preferences rather than penalizing them for failing to follow rules is partly responsible for the prevailing pleasantness of the area.
This might be something for Shenandoah County rulemakers to consider.

Ann Hunter, Fort Valley