Letter to the Editor: Congress crosses line on gun issues

It is incomprehensible to me that our U. S. Congress has not voted on measures to ban the purchase of assault weapons by our citizenry, or even require background checks of those who do.

It is beyond belief that Republican members of the House left Washington, D.C., without debating these issues that have affected our nation so immediately and so tragically.

While I recognize that much good work has been done by the legislature on both sides of the aisle (despite documentable obstruction), Congress has passed over a line on these gun control issues by refusing to engage in civil debate.

I am one constituent who is now fully determined that Mr. Goodlatte hear my dismay, my concern, my frustration, my grief, that he, as my representative, has so poorly represented me, and others like me, on these issues.

When Mr. Goodlatte comes home to Virginia he should know that I am one among many in his district unhappy with his National Rifle Association alignment as an A-rated representative with an across-the-board pro-gun rights voting record. I can only think that he, too, is in the pocket of the NRA.

His silence, his and the Republican Party’s refusal to engage in civil debate on these matters, speaks loud and clear to those of us who are listening.

Lee Scharf, Woodstock