Letter to the Editor: Primaries should be closed


On June 18, you put Andy Schmookler’s piece, “Open Primaries: A wrong idea,” on the Opinion page. As some one who was Republican and finds himself identifying more with Libertarians who are more compassionate, conservative leaning, I rarely agree with what Mr. Schmookler has to say as a partisan Democrat who only rarely finds fault with his party.

However, I fully agree with primaries being closed and that no one should vote across party lines to help get a more easily defeated opposition candidate to win. And I agree that independents shouldn’t be allowed to influence a party’s elected choice as nominee. That said, I would hope that he would also condemn his party’s pre-ordination of Hillary Clinton by the Democratic National Committee super delegate mechanism and would condemn the concept of caucuses rather than straight out ballot-box, one-person, one-vote primaries with proportional delegate assignment based on the percentage of the vote received.

There is too much perceived behind-the-scenes manipulation of the processes of determining a party nominee. Too often the party nominee is chosen by the top tier of party operatives before a primary is held and the means of allowing the electorate to determine the actual nominee is controlled to maximize the likelihood of of the top tier’s choice “winning.”

Come on, Andy! Closed primaries, no caucuses and no super delegates at the national level or any other level.

Clifford T. Burgess Jr.,  Linden