Letter to the Editor: Public must resolve racial issues

After the tragedy in Texas a few days ago, I felt it the right time to speak.
I would like all people to recognize that “All Lives Matter.” Regardless of your skin color, this is not the world that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted for his legacy. Then we have a president of the United States go on national television and make remarks that, in my opinion, do nothing more than incite tensions between the black community and the rest of the world.
In my entire life, I have never seen a sitting president come out and address us in a manner that would do nothing but elevate tensions in an already volatile situation. These senseless killings, whether sparked by a law enforcement officer or some outraged individual, will only cease when we all sit down, acknowledge that there is a problem and find solutions to address these problems.
I urge everyone to stop allowing the media, politicians, racists and especially the president to control our thinking and ultimate behavior.
Whether black, white, or any other race … we must be the ones to peacefully address this and resolve this. Here, in the 21st century, I would have never believed that after the sacrifices of Martin Luther King Jr. and many others both black and white … that I’d be living in a world that not only thrives on this but allows itself to be incited by the likes of Al Sharpton and yes, even President Obama.
Let’s not pretend that there are no racial issues in the U.S. but come together as one color and resolve these issues without the loss of one more fellow human being. All lives do matter.
Rev. Bob Grimsley, Strasburg