Letter to the Editor: Some advice for white people


When black people, especially young men, get shot and killed by the police, a lot of white people give them advice, especially in online comments. Of course, the advice comes too late.

But it occurred to me that if this advice is good for black people, it should be good for whites, too. Obviously those whites who are unhappy about Black Lives Matter should agree.
So here’s the advice those black people have been getting, re-directed to you, my fellow white folks.
If the cops show up, white people, they are there for a reason. Obey them – in fact read their minds to figure out what they want. Do it before they even ask.
Remember, the cops are just doing their jobs. White people, never question them. Just submit quickly and without speaking.
Never carry a gun, white people. Never break any law, no matter how trivial. If you do either one, white people, you have no right to complain, no matter what the cops do.
Also, don’t have a criminal record. If the cops find out later that you do, that justifies anything they did.
All of us should have only one priority – making sure our cops get home safely every night and never feel threatened. Sure, constitutional rights are nice, but our hero cops can’t be held accountable for their actions if something you do causes them discomfort. At that point, it’s all your fault, white people, whatever happens.
Be realistic. It’s the cops’ world; you just live in it.
Don’t get bent out of shape, white people, because you didn’t get this advice years ago when you were a kid. It’s not easy to create the color-blind world. Just remember, whatever the system gives black people, you deserve exactly the same.
Larry Lamar Yates, Winchester