Letter to the Editor: Trump is Hitler? It’s in the paper


In this fast-paced and contentious campaign season, my thanks go out to the Northern Virginia Daily for cutting to the point and bringing real clarity to the issues. If not for the Northern Virginia Daily and its correspondents, there is so much political news we’d all be missing.
Most incisively, that Donald Trump is Hitler.
Two recent columns by Leonard Pitts Jr. planted this valuable news in my noggin, and letter-writer Gloria Rickels’ missive of June 23 provided clear-eyed, rock-solid confirmation.  Confirmation that Trump is Hitler, I mean.  He’s Hitler.  H-I-T-L-E-R.
How could I have been so naive?  When I think back on how he used to snarl “Yer Fired!,” I shamefully failed to connect him to the Nazi pantheon of Himmler, Goering and Eichmann.  It never even occurred to me that no one ever saw Trump and Der Fuhrer together in the same place at the same time!
Today, I’m sure that Mrs. Trump spends hours at her makeup table with a snapshot of Eva Braun tucked into the mirror frame, doing her best to replicate the Bavarian bombshell’s wholesome, peasant-girl look.  All the better to please her criminally insane, genocidal, mass-murdering hubby.  And that hubby is … Donald Trump!
Who — did I mention? — is also Hitler.  Don’t believe me?  Hey, it’s right there in the paper!
David Christovich, Woodstock