Letter to the Editor: Be prepared for mess if Trump wins


My grandfather once told me, “If you want to see a big change, throw a hand grenade into an outhouse.”

“Apple-style-span”>I am worried Donald Trump will be “throwing a grenade into the outhouse” if he wins the presidential election. If change is all you want, vote for him.

What my grandfather then told me was, “Be prepared for what happens after the explosion. Hand grenades are unpredictable and unsteady and no one knows what will happen.”

America is not an outhouse. Throwing a Trump grenade into America without a plan of what to do after the explosion is not responsible. While the bang is impressive, the mess after the bang is even more impressive (and hard to clean up.)

If Mr. Trump actually had some coherent plans on what to do after the explosion of his being elected, I might consider him as a viable change to the system we now employ in the U.S.

I suspect he has no idea what to do if elected.

Lee Jette, Maurertown