Letter to the Editor: Conservatives want clock turned back


I cannot endure in silence Richard Hoover’s most recent commentary published in the Northern Virginia Daily of July 20. His theme is that our respected Cold War veterans would conclude they served in vain if what he calls progressive ideas and programs are adopted.

There is no evidence Mr. Hoover is troubled with the so-called 1 percent of our people who enjoy extreme wealth. But he criticizes Hillary Clinton as “an implacable one percenter, with an array of dwellings, past and present, to rival the splendors of Araby!” He calls her a hypocrite because he believes she would never put into effect the positive principles she embraces. Does he forget the most successful implementers of progressive programs during the last century were Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, all of whom were members of the 1 percent of their day?

Mr. Hoover voices a concern for individuals. But we should review what conservatives have actually done to individuals. In states where conservatives are in control, they have (1) denied the vote to thousands of minorities and the less fortunate by imposing stringent picture ID requirements even though there is no evidence of significant voter fraud, (2) authorized business proprietors to refuse service to legally married same-sex couples and other gays if their practices are inconsistent with the proprietors’ religious beliefs, and (3) denied legal abortions to many by imposing on clinics restrictions that the Supreme Court has found are based on trumped up reasons. Further, the conservatives on the Supreme Court, including the sainted Justice Scalia, have handed our election system over to the rich. Would our guide have us believe that our Cold War veterans would have served to support such actions?

We should realize that what Trump and conservatives such as Mr. Hoover advocate as change is, when you peel back the layers of the onion, a plea for turning back the clock to past eras that better suit their preferences.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock