Letter to the Editor: GOP is reaping what it has sown


You published a commentary on Aug. 1 by Jonah Goldberg that begs a response.

Donald Trump is now the presidential nominee of the Republican party. In true Republican fashion, Mr. Goldberg blames the “mainstream media” for this. Apparently, they didn’t do enough to portray Trump in a poor light; they simply reported the truth. As if that’s not enough to make any intelligent person run screaming in terror.

No, it couldn’t be that the last 20 years of constant Republican preaching for greed, arrogance and selfishness would produce the perfect example of those traits, and worse, in the Republican presidential nominee. It must be the “mainstream media.”

Trump himself has declared that if he doesn’t win in November, it’ll be because the election system is “rigged.” Every good Republican knows that if they don’t get what they want, it’s somebody else’s fault.

Mr. Goldberg needs to accept the ugly truth: the Republican party is now reaping what it has sown.

Richard Kopf, Winchester